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Massage Services



Swedish Massage

30 minutes, $35.00

60 minutes $65.00

90 minutes $95.00

120 minutes $125.00

Long flowing strokes are used to relax the body. Kneading of muscle tissue helps move lymph, blood and fluids in the muscles to calm and encourage relaxation. Tapotement and vibration are used to stimulate and wake up muscles and nerves.


Deep Tissue Massage

60 minutes, $80.00

90 minutes, $120.00

A firm pressure therapeutic massage. Helps Alleviate pain, muscle tension, stress and spasms .Not recommended for those who do not receive a massage on a regular basis


Hot Stone Massage

60 minutes, $85.00

90 minutes $125.00

Penetrating heat from smooth oils and warmed stones is used to ease tense muscles and sore joints. Combined with Swedish techniques creating an unforgettable, thoroughly relaxing experience. This massage is excellent for the wintertime blues.


Amma Massage

60 minutes, $70.00

Traditional Chinese massage performed using the Acupuncture channels directing the energy in the body away from the heart. Acupressure points areas also manipulated. This type of Massage is good for all people of all ages and can be performed fully clothed with loose fitting clothing. It is an excellent choice for the elderly and those who are bedridden and or handicapped.


Reflexology Massage

45 minutes, $55.00

Pressure is geared towards reflex points on the feet to help maintain and balance the nervous system. Reflexology stimulates the release of endorphins that reduce stress and pain.


Prenatal Massage

60 minutes, $70.00

A gentle massage geared to relieve the muscle spasms, pain and cramps located in the lower back, hips, legs and feet during pregnancy. A doctors note is required before session begins and you must be out of first trimester.


Sports Massage

60 minutes, $80.00

90 minutes $120.00

A therapeutic massage that includes stretching and compression techniques, rehabilitates soft tissue dysfunction resulting from physical labor, lifting weights or sports related activity. Promotes flexibility, reduces swelling, relieves muscle tension and alleviates muscle fatigue.


Youth Sports Massage

30 minutes, $40.00

A treatment designed for young competitors. Massage is combined with light stretching to decrease muscle tension and pain in order to maintain a healthy range of motion and stress level. Sports massage can also decrease the chance of future sports-related injuries.


Digestive Massage

30 minutes, $25.00

Comforting abdominal massage alleviates stress that can lead to stomach cramping, bloating, or constipation. Abdominal massage can also be beneficial after strenuous abdominal exercises. A doctor’s note may be required for deeper pressure to the abdomen.


Endorphin Kick

45 minutes, $50.0

A treatment focused on hormone balance and stress relief through massage and acupressure on the back, neck, shoulders and feet. This treatment can be an effective remedy for symptoms of PMS, Post Partum, Menopause, PCOS, thyroid issues as well as other endocrine disruptions.


Couples Massage

60 minutes, $130.00

Whether you’re on a romantic getaway or simply treating yourself to an indulgent spa session, a couples massage is a great way to relax and rejuvenate both you and your loved one.


Hand and Foot Massage

45 min, $60.00


Raindrop Therapy

60 minutes $90.00

Combines the art of aromatherapy and massage with the application of essential oils to various areas of the body, mainly the feet and back. Experience balance and harmony; physically, mentally, and emotionally.





Traditional Chinese medicine that uses suction from plastic or glass cups to increase circulation to areas of significant congestion. Cupping reaches deeper muscle adhesions that can cause pain, inflammation, and limited range of motion. **WARNING – Bruising will occur and can be visible for up to 10 days after service** (Cupping is done by Felicia)


Craniosacral Therapy (CST)

Gentle energy work intended to release restrictions in the soft tissues surrounding the central nervous system. Restrictions can cause tension around the brain and spinal cord, affecting the body’s natural self-healing processes. Gentle holds are used to sense what areas need the most attention. (Craniosacral Therapy is done by Felicia)


Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points are tight areas that sometimes compensate for pain elsewhere in the body. Through slower, deeper work and communication, adhesions can be isolated and released. The source of the pain can often be found in areas of referred pain. (Trigger Point Therapy is done by Felicia)


Myofascial Release (MFR)

MFR is great for chronic pain due to exaggerated postures, overuse, intense physical activity or trauma. MFR techniques slowly unwind connective tissues that surround every muscle, nerve and organ. The goal of releasing an area in its entirety is done by re-educating muscles and forming new compensation patterns throughout the body. (Myofascial Release is done by Felicia)